Summer is a Great Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment

The summer season gives us many good reasons to smile! The days are longer, the sun is warm and kids are outside having fun instead of sitting in the classroom. Summertime is also a great time of the year to start orthodontic treatment.

Since kids are out of school and many parents have vacations, it’s easy to schedule and keep appointments, which can be very challenging at other times of the year!

Here are some more good reasons to consider scheduling your first appointment with orthodontics practice this summer:

Treatment Can Begin Faster

Without the need to rush back to school, many times we can start orthodontic treatment the day of your first appointment. This saves you an extra trip and helps streamline the treatment process. Plus, the quicker you start treatment, the faster you’ll be done with wearing braces, which is something most people appreciate!

No Need to Pull Your Kids Out of School

During the school year, it’s often necessary for parents to make arrangements with their children’s’ school so they can keep their orthodontic appointments. But during the summer time, this is not necessary which makes starting treatment during the summer months convenient for both parents and kids. It’s far easier to make orthodontic appointments when there are no scheduling conflicts with school, athletics, work, meetings, clubs and other activities.

Easier to Get Used to Wearing Braces

Sometimes it takes children several days or longer to become comfortable and confident with their new braces. When treatment begins during the summer months, kids can make this adjustment more easily.

Summer is the Season for Cool Refreshing Treats

Summer is the best season for ice cream, smoothies and other cool and refreshing treats. And there’s nothing more soothing after a braces adjustment than a scoop of ice cream or a big frosty smoothie. Need we say more?

To schedule your child’s first visit with us, please complete the ‘Make an Appointment’ form that’s on our main website. One of our friendly team members will then contact you to set up an appointment time.

Sturgill Orthodontics wish our patients and their families a fun-filled and safe summer season!