5 Reasons We Love Clear Braces

Here’s a conundrum. Your general dentist has recommended braces, but your teenager is worried about their appearance or being teased. Often braces are medically necessary to correct misalignments that could cause significant future issues; yet as parents, we hold our children’s worries and confidence close to our hearts. So how do you meet your child’s dental needs while considering their valid personal concerns? 

 Some parents chose aligner therapy (clear trays like Invisalign), but not every case can be fully corrected with aligners. Don’t worry — we have a solution!

Consider clear braces. 

Take a look at these staff members and patients rocking their smiles. At first glance, you can’t even see their braces! The only thing you see is a beautiful smile. 

Cool facts about Sturgill Orthodontics’ clear braces: 

  • They are made from a polycrystalline ceramic, which helps them to blend with your natural tooth color instead of standing out.
  • They are very durable. Some patients worry that clear brackets won’t “hold up”; but they are designed to move teeth just like metal brackets. Made by 3M, our brackets are specially designed to better adhere to your teeth, resist breakage, and maintain pleasing esthetics. 
  • They are stain-resistant. At Sturgill Orthodontics, we use the “Mercedes-Benz” of clear brackets. Our clear braces are designed to resist straining and should never permanently “yellow” as some other clear bracket brands do. 
  • They are cost-effective. We do not charge more for clear upper braces.
  • They maintain the patient’s self-confidence. Because ceramic brackets are so discreet, no one will notice them unless standing close. Instead they blend into your child’s wonderful smile!

Wondering if clear braces are an option for your teenager or even yourself? Give us a call to schedule a free consultation! Be sure to let our Treatment Coordinator know that you are interested in clear braces. See you soon!