Pros & Cons of Orthodontic Treatment Options

Because no two patients’ orthodontic needs are alike and everyone has their own preferences regarding the type of braces they’d like to wear, Sturgill Orthodontics provides a variety of treatment options.

Here are the types of quality orthodontic treatment options we offer along with the pros and cons associated with each.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common type of braces. These braces are made of high-grade stainless steel. Today’s metal braces are smaller, more comfortable and more attractive than the metal braces used a few years ago.

Pros: Because metal braces are made of high quality stainless steel, they do not break easily to disrupt treatment. Metal braces are also the most affordable type of braces. These braces are well-suited for patients of all ages. And, because they are affixed to the teeth for the duration of the treatment process, patient compliance is not an issue.

Cons: Many people choose not to wear visible metal braces simply because they consider the look unsightly. People who regularly take part in contact sports and musicians who play wind instruments often prefer not to wear metal braces because they can prevent or limit them from taking part in the activities they enjoy. There are also food restrictions to adhere to when wearing metal braces. For instance, the patient must avoid eating hard and chewy foods as these types of foods can damage or break the wires and brackets making up metal braces.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made of a translucent or clear material. These braces are most popular among adult patient due to their cosmetic appeal. Like metal braces, ceramic braces are worn on the front of the teeth for the duration of the treatment process.

Pros: Because ceramic braces are clear, treatment with these braces is very discreet. When these braces are worn, there is no need to be self-conscious as most people do not even notice the braces due to them being tooth-colored.

Cons: These braces can become stained so the patient must be mindful of coffee, tea, blueberries and other foods which can cause staining. People wearing these braces must also avoid eating hard, crunchy and gooey foods as these types of foods can damage or break the braces.

Gold Braces

Gold braces are stainless steel braces, which are coated with 24-karat gold. Because of their cosmetic appeal, gold braces are popular among patients of all ages.

Pros: The aesthetic appeal of these braces makes them popular among people who like the unique gold appearance. Patient compliance is never an issue with gold braces because these braces are fixed to the teeth permanently for the duration of treatment.

Cons: Because these braces are adhered to the teeth permanently throughout the treatment process, the patient must avoid eating hard, crunchy and chewy foods that can break the brackets and wires.


The Invisalign System consists of a series of clear, removable aligners which gradually move the teeth This system is available to adult patients with certain orthodontic bite problems.

Pros: Because Invisalign aligners are removable, they can be taken out when eating and drinking and when cleaning the teeth. This means there are no food restrictions to worry about nor any issues with maintaining good oral hygiene. The transparency of the aligners provides the patient with a high level of discreetness which makes Invisalign ideal for adults who don’t wish to wear visible braces like those made of stainless steel.

Cons: Invisalign is a more costly orthodontic treatment option when compared to metal, gold and ceramic braces. Some people consider it a hassle to have to remove the aligners when eating and drinking and when brushing and flossing their teeth. And, because the aligners are to be removed several times during the day, it is easy for the patient to misplace or lose the aligners. Patient compliance is essential when wearing Invisalign because if the aligners are not worn for the recommended 22 hours per day, treatment can take longer.

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