Overcoming Fear at The Orthodontist

You’re not alone if you’ve been nervous about visiting a new doctor’s office. You might’ve heard terms like “white coat syndrome” used to describe the angst of being in an unfamiliar medical setting. Though we might expect children to fear going to the orthodontist, adults do too! Worldwide, significant numbers of adults experience “high” or even “severe” DFA (dental fear and anxiety). A study published in the Journal of Dental Hygiene indicated that as many as 50 – 80% of US adults struggle with dental anxiety. But not to worry. Statistics don’t dictate what has to happen. Sturgill Orthodontics wants to give you the tools you need to overcome fear at the orthodontist. 

Control What’s Yours to Control

If you’ve ever known anyone who overcame substance abuse, you might be familiar with the so-called “serenity prayer.” It’s more than a trite aphorism. It helps the speaker influence those things within their power. At the same time, the speaker relinquishes control over things they cannot influence. 

You can control which orthodontist you select. So when you schedule a free consultation with Sturgill Orthodontics, you select the most conscientious orthodontic team in the Johnson City and Norton areas. In their vast experience, Dr. Sturgill, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Harper have earned the trust of hundreds of anxious patients like you. Despite your emotions, you are capable of controlling your thoughts. You must use your thoughts to 

Identification is Important

When we feel anxiety, it can seem challenging to say precisely what we’re afraid of. If you dread going to the orthodontist, grab a pen and paper. Or, use a handy app on your phone. Write down what makes you anxious about seeing an orthodontist. Once you’ve identified your fears, you can discuss them with your orthodontist. 

Overcoming Fear at The OrthodontistSpeak Up for Yourself

Dr. Sturgill, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Harper value input from patients. They design each treatment plan based on data. Your concerns are part of that data. If you’re anxious about treatment or particular procedures, please say so! Our Johnson City and Norton teams want your experiences to be as comfortable as possible. So we invite you to express things that make you anxious about treatment. We will make whatever necessary changes to ensure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible. 

Ask Questions for Clarity

Knowledge can help dispel anxiety. We’re often scared because of things we don’t understand. The more we learn, the more we know. The more we know about orthodontic procedures, the less we fear them. If you’d like to know more about your treatment, ask one of our stellar team members. Did one of the doctors use a word you didn’t know? Ask them to define it for you. Make a point to educate yourself about unfamiliar topics. The more often you do this, the more your mind will act like a light. It will make your orthodontic journey clearer and less frightening. 

Overcoming Fear at The OrthodontistRelieve Your Anxiety at Sturgill Orthodontics 

Our teams in Norton and Johnson City understand your anxiety and fear. Many of us have been there ourselves. But when you’re in one of our offices, you can put your mind to rest. Visit us here to schedule a free consultation.