Match Your Braces Color to Your Personality

At Sturgill Orthodontics, many of our Johnson City, TN braces patients love choosing elastics colors that show off their style. It’s an opportunity to customize your hardware and make a statement while you straighten your teeth. Now that school is back in session, why not start the school year off right with a colorful smile? As for what braces colors to wear, consider the psychology of color, which is the study of how we perceive colors and how different hues affect our mood, emotions and behavior. We’re tapping into these theories in this guide to picking a braces color to match your personality. Take a look at the meaning behind some popular colors:


Red is the color of fire. It’s bold and intense. Red is associated with courage, energy, danger, strength, determination, love, anger, willpower, confidence and passion. Are you a self-assured, high-energy go-getter who fearlessly pursues their dreams? If so, you don’t have to think hard about how to pick the best braces color because it’s red all the way!


Orange blends yellow’s cheerfulness with red’s warmth. It gives a sense of energy, youthfulness and activity. Orange is associated with happiness, creativity, enthusiasm, success, determination and adventure. If you’re a positive, creative person who’s not afraid to be the center of attention or try new things, orange elastics will be an excellent fit for your braces.


Yellow is the color of the sunshine and there isn’t a happier hue. Depending on the shade, it can have a brightening or warming effect. Yellow is associated with joy, freshness, energy, intellect, cheerfulness and spontaneity. If you’re a happy, optimistic person who loves to laugh and brighten your friends’ days, yellow could be the best braces color for you.


Green is deeply tied to nature and it’s considered restful to the eye, which is why it has a sense of harmony. While vibrant green shades are associated with freshness, growth, healing, protection and renewal, dark greens have come to represent safety, stability, power and wealth. If you’re a bubbly person who loves to learn and grow, enjoys change and spends a lot of time in nature, a bright to medium shade of green could be your ideal color. If you’re someone who strives to be really successful, your friends and family know they can count on you and you tend to be the one people turn to when they’re in need, keep dark green on your list of braces color ideas.

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Blue is actually the most universally preferred color, which is why it’s a common favorite. It’s the color of the sky and the sea and it’s associated with faith, trust, loyalty, wisdom, reliability, depth, intelligence and truth. Light blue is tranquil and tied to calmness, understanding and health, while dark blue is more serious and represents power, knowledge and integrity. If you’re a loyal friend, a leader, wise beyond your years and gravitate towards the classics, whether in your choice of reading material or fashion, consider navy blue when picking a braces color. If you’re an empathetic, laidback person who brings calm to any situation and loves staying active outdoors, light blue braces or turquoise braces are a perfect match.


Purple symbolizes majesty, ambition, spirituality and mystery. In its darker forms, purple is associated with royalty, independence, luxury, wisdom and dignity. Light purples and lavenders are associated with femininity, sentimentality, romance and creativity. If you’re a fan of the finer things in life, you have an independent streak and you’re not one to lay all your cards on the table, dark purple is your color. If you’re upbeat, enjoy creative pursuits like painting or writing and have a nostalgic side, lavender braces will suit your smile.


Like green and blue, pink has a wide range of meanings depending on the shade. Hot pink is youthful, energetic, exciting and fun. Lighter pinks are associated with romance, friendship, sweetness and softness. If you’re an extrovert who leads a life of adventure and is all about making a lasting impression, don’t forget hot pink when picking a braces color. If you’re more introverted, sentimental and a fan of thoughtful gestures, lighter pink is right up your alley.  


White is the color of snow and represents purity, simplicity, minimalism, innocence and safety. It’s also associated with light, goodness and cleanliness. If you usually go with the flow, have a big heart and always see the good in others, white might be the best braces color for your personality.


Black sometimes gets a bad rap in the color world. While it can have negative connotations in some contexts, it’s also a powerful color associated with strength, elegance, prestige, sophistication and formality. If you’re bold, a little mysterious and have a strong sense of style, give black braces a try.

Whether you want to add color to your smile or you’d prefer an under-the-radar teeth-straightening solution, we have Johnson City, TN braces options perfect for your personality and needs. Book a free consultation at Sturgill Orthodontics today online or by calling us at (423) 282-2333 to get started!