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“….our patients deserve the best of everything: doctor, treatment and office.”


Here at Sturgill Orthodontics we put patients first. It’s part of our mission and our lifestyle: the daily goal to better serve you.

Last year, Dr. Sturgill purposed to bring the most innovative orthodontic practice in the country to East Tennessee. Why? Because we believe our patients deserve the best of everything: doctor, treatment, and office.

Dr. Sturgill hired one of the best architects in the country to actualize his vision of a beautiful state-of-the-art orthodontic practice. Consider how cell phone technology has changed in the last twenty years; orthodontic treatment and technology have changed as much! It was time to update and refresh our office to represent those changes. A floor-to-ceiling remodel launched in February. Nearly seven months later, on August 5th, we officially opened the new space.

Our remodeled facility furthers our mission of offering family-friendly, cutting-edge care. Everything from the floorplan to the fixtures to the dental chairs have been upgraded in order to provide our patients with the best experience.

Take a walk through our new office below!

Here is what Dr. Sturgill says about the remodel.


When did you come up with the idea to remodel the practice? 

When I took over the practice in 2016, I saw that the office was past-due for a remodel. Nearly twenty years had passed since its last update, and the orthodontic industry has seen many changes in that time. The practice had also grown tremendously in the past 20 years. Accommodating patients in the old space was becoming difficult. So I began researching the best way to remodel the practice without interfering with patient treatment. Our team spent months analyzing and planning so that every single detail allowed maximum efficiency while ensuring patient comfort and beautiful style.

Why did you choose Joe Architect for the project? 

Joe Architect has a sterling reputation as a world-renowned dental and medical architect. Initially, we hired them to design my wife Dr. Riley Sturgil’s practice: Sturgill Endodontics. After seeing their completed work, we knew we wanted to work with them again. Their designs are unparalleled for creating unique spaces that endure.

Name the biggest challenge and how you overcame it.

The two biggest challenges were logistics and finances. The Sturgill Ortho Team had to relocate the entire practice down to the dental chairs in one weekend. We were so fortunate when an office space became available in the same professional park, allowing us to move with relative ease. Also, we wanted to ensure that the remodel was financially feasible and that increased efficiency would make it worthwhile. The increased space and improvements will allow us to accommodate new patients as well as the ones we already serve and love.

What is your favorite element of the new space?

My favorite element is the reception area. There are so many fun aspects for families to enjoy. We now have a coffee station equipped with sparkling water and a wide variety of gourmet coffee selections. We also have laptop stations to accommodate parents who may need to catch up on work. For our youngest patients or their little siblings, we have a fantastic play area. Now waiting at your orthodontic appointment won’t be wasted time. You can read, work, or just enjoy some downtime with a warm cup of coffee.

What patients are saying: 

Patients and parents love the new space. Some kids have remarked that it doesn’t even feel like the same building. One mom said “Am I even in Johnson City anymore?” The space really strikes the perfect balance between modernity and warmth. We love it and hope you do too!

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