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About Us

Meet Jeremiah Sturgill, DMD, MPH, DHED

Dr. Sturgill has grown what was an established orthodontic practice to be one of the most thriving practices in the region.  His ability to grow a practice wasn't by accident, in contrast, a focus on culture, systems, and marketing lead to his success.

About Sturgill Consulting

Sturgill Orthodontic Consulting was created to help fellow orthodontists thrive in today’s market. At Sturgill Orthodontics, our unique office culture has led to growth, year after year.

Dr. Sturgill provides insight into his team-centered leadership style that promotes clinical efficiency and a positive patient experience.

What We Offer

Cultivating your ideal practice is a hands-on task and it isn’t one we take lightly. We value the opportunity to work with you and your team to turn potential into patients. Here’s what we offer:

Behind the Scenes Look
Bring your entire team to our office where we will show you the magic of Sturgill Orthodontics.

In-Office Consulting
We’ll come to you for an in-person consulting appointment. This gives us the chance to see how you do things and help fine-tune your process.

How We Help

Case Acceptance

Increase case starts with our effective growth strategies making same day starts part of your daily routine.

Business Development

Improve communication and scheduling strategies.

Office Culture

Create a unique office culture that makes you a staple in your community.

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