Fun with Our Families during Quarantine

These past several weeks, most of us find ourselves stranded at home with only limited essential outings at our disposal. Who knew the car ride to the grocery store could be such an escape?

While mandatory quarantine is difficult for everyone, keeping the kiddos entertained can be especially challenging. So here at Sturgill Ortho we asked our staff members how they are passing the time in isolation with their families. So if you are “bored in the house and in the house bored,” here are a few of the activities we have found helpful.

Quarantine Activities for Kids


Colorful sorting and counting

Sturgill Endo team member Alyssa practiced counting with her son using coffee filters and candy! We certainly won’t judge if an M&M or two goes missing along the way. 

Build a living room fort

Transform the couch or dining table into a circus tent with blankets and pillows. It’s the perfect place to curl up with take-home schoolwork, a movie, or a coloring book.

Make art together

Dr. Sturgill’s baby girl painted some abstract art this week. Another idea is to use poster board or an old sheet and paint a sign for first responders. Hang it in your lawn or neighborhood. Or, you can create a family photo collage with an encouraging message — as the Sturgill Ortho team did for Instagram.

Make oobleck

What’s oobleck? Oobleck is simply cornstarch mixed with water — it’s neither a liquid nor a solid but rather a non-Newtonian fluid. Aka homemade slime! It’s a great homemade science experiment for little ones. Add a little dollop of food coloring for fun. Here is an easy recipe to follow.

Homemade finger-painting 

Sturgill Ortho team member Jess used cool whip and food coloring to create toddler-safe finger paints. It’s suitably messy and no harm done if little fingers go in little mouths. 

Live storytimes

Several broadcasting and publishing companies have taken steps to livestream story hour for little kids. It’s a great way to entertain your little one — and if they happen to have the book, they can practice reading by following along. A few resources include: Penguin Kids, Harper Kids, and Goodnight with Dolly. 

Bake and cook together

Our office manager Holly has been teaching her little girl how to cook! They’ve baked fun birthday cakes and enjoyed homemade breakfasts on their porch. Cooking together is a great way to practice measuring, math, and following instructions. 

Camp in your own backyard 

Even though the campsites and state parks may be closed, we can still get outside. Create a isolation-approved staycation by setting up a mini campsite in your own backyard — or on your apartment balcony. Snuggle together in sleeping bags, tell funny stories, and, if safe to do so, have a little campfire to toast smores. 

Other ideas

Watch a free Broadway show every Friday on the YouTube channel The Show Must Go On. Take advantage of Audible’s Free Stories for Kids. Or download the Duolingo app to learn a new language together. 

As hectic as parenthood may be, we all crave more time with our families. How many times have we said “time is flying by” or “I wish I had more time with my kids.”  Despite the hardships around us, isolation has forced us to slow down and focus on our loved ones. America’s work-centered culture often robs us of precious time together — but maybe being #TogetheratHome is the silver lining in the midst of this national health crisis. 

Also remember, it’s okay to relax as well. We are experiencing uncertain and unprecedented times — and there’s no roadmap for how to best navigate them. It’s perfectly acceptable to have “down moments” in which you vegetate on the couch or watch a movie. Every day need not have an Instagram-worthy or teachable moment. We will all survive this time the best way we can — and maybe carve out a  little fun along the way.

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