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Top-notch materials, state-of-the-art treatments and customized care are the keys to outstanding results.

Braces, 22 months, non extraction

Clear braces, 24 months, non extraction

Braces, 20 months, non extraction

Underbite and crossbite correction with clear braces and without extractions or surgery: 18 months

Impacted teeth that would not erupt used in-office laser for exposure: 21 months

Asymmetrical bite with crossbite with clear braces: 22 months

Severe deep bite and peg shaped lateral teeth which were corrected by the dentist after braces were used to align the bite

Lingual (hidden) braces treatment for an asymmetrical underbite- notice the midlines: 21 months

Severe crowding and overbite correction without extractions :24 months

Openbite and crossbite- corrected with an expander and braces: 23 months

Severe crowding corrected with braces and no teeth were extracted: 23 months

Open bite with severe crowding- corrected with braces and premolar extractions: 25 months

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